Do you have problems getting a mortgage from your bank?

At 1300HomeLoan, our mortgage brokers specialise in low documentation lending, ideal for self-employed clients.

In contrast to employees, self-employed or business borrowers do not have regular income streams and may not be in a position to provide current financial information as required by lenders. Those without full documentation may find it more suitable to access a ‘Low Doc’ loan.

Low Doc loans allow you to provide alternative forms of income verification such as trading Statements, business activity statements or an accountant’s declaration.

1300HomeLoan make it easier for self-employed people to borrow against residential property on a Low Doc Loan. Loans can be used for many reasons, for purchasing either an investment or owner occupied property, to free up capital for business growth, even to pay tax arrears.

We have solutions for:

  • Self-employed borrowers with incomplete financials
  • Short term self-employed
  • Those in need of a line of credit facility to assist with cash flow fluctuations
  • Applicants with outstanding tax arrears
  • Clients wanting to access their home equity for cash-out to be used towards business purposes

Whether it’s because your accounts don’t reflect your real profit or you work solely on a commission basis, or perhaps you just don’t fit a bank’s mainstream lending requirements. We will listen when the banks won’t.

Let 1300HomeLoan help you achieve your financial goals. Talk to one of our self-employed home loan specialists today.

Discover The Pitfalls Of Mortgage Applications For The Self-Employed!

When you are self-employed and looking to apply for a mortgage, the best thing you can do is hire the services of a mortgage broker. This has a very specific reason, since applying for a mortgage when you are self-employed is a lot harder than for someone who is not self-employed. Want to find out more about the pitfalls of self-employed mortgage applications and how a mortgage broker can help? Find out everything about it here!

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Why Are Mortgage Applications For The Self-Employed More Difficult?

The difficulty of mortgage applications for the self-employed did not start until recently. During the financial crisis, financial institutions all over the world adjusted their rules and regulations. This fact did not only have a negative impact on the self-employed, but on individuals as well.

Clients will experience the majority of their problems with the financial institution, more specifically during negotiations. The biggest problem is that most self-employed do not have a regular income stream, or the fact that they have an irregular income stream.

Another problem for self-employed applicants is the amount of paperwork that accompanies an application. Without the help of an experienced mortgage broker, you can get lost very quickly in a mountain of forms and income statements.

What Can The 1300HomeLoan Mortgage Broker Do For The Self-Employed?

First of all, an experienced mortgage broker can stand by you every step of the way. Not only will the broker handle your mortgage application for you, he or she will also start looking for the best mortgage deals. Instead of counting on one financial institution, you will get the best mortgage deal the broker can find from various financial institutions instead.

Our experienced mortgage brokers can also help you with other common problems that can occur during your mortgage application. Our experts can help you with incomplete financials, a line of credit facility and more.

To find the best broker for your particular goal, we recommend using our handy search filter. Simply select the area you live in and choose a mortgage broker that fits your needs. Each of our brokers has their own field of specialisation, so you can also find brokers that have a lot of experience with property investment and loan pre-approval as well.

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