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Read Our Terms and Conditions for a Clearer View of the Use of Our Website

Before you use any website, you should always read the terms and conditions, especially when you intend to use a certain service or buy a specific product. If you are on a website that does not have these terms and conditions, it is recommended to step away and find an alternative.

What Are Terms and Conditions Exactly?

Terms and conditions can be considered as rules which users of a certain service or website need to abide by in order to use the service or website. Even though most websites have good terms and conditions in place, it is always recommended to have a decent look at it.

Why Does A Mortgage Broker Website Require Terms and Conditions?

1300HomeLoan offers services, more specifically the services of an experienced mortgage broker. In order to protect our clients, we need to display a clear section with terms and conditions which clients can refer to. However, the terms and conditions are not only meant to protect the clients, but also the mortgage brokers and 1300HomeLoan.

Not only clients can get benefit from reading the terms and conditions on our website, the mortgage brokers joining 1300HomeLoan can as well. Before you register your interest in joining 1300HomeLoan, we recommend that each mortgage broker reads through these terms and conditions.

What Happens If A Website Does Not Have Terms And Conditions?

Clients who find themselves on a website without any terms and conditions should step away as quickly as possible. Terms and conditions usually describe how a service works and what you can expect. When you are on a service website where terms and conditions are missing, the service cannot be deemed as trustworthy.
There are also other things that should be present on a website and that you should be looking out for. One of these things is the privacy policy. For most clients, the privacy policy will be the most important part of a website, because it will tell you more about how your personal information will be handled while you use the website. For example, will your personal information be stored? Can the website sell your information to a third party or a partner?

Websites that do not have a privacy policy usually use your personal information for their own benefit, for example selling your information to another party. Such information selling usually leads to spam in your mailbox, which are usually companies who are trying to sell you a service or a product.

Can I Contact 1300HomeLoan If I Have Questions Relating To The Terms And Conditions?

Are you a client with questions about our terms and conditions? Or are you a mortgage broker looking to join 1300HomeLoan? If you are left with questions about our terms and conditions, disclaimer or privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

To speak to one of our representatives directly, please call 1300-466-356. You can also send your question to enquiries@1300homeloan.com.au.