Buying Your First Home

Being in a position to buy your first home is a special feeling. Learn more about the process today

Refinancing Your Loan

When was the last time you checked your loan? If it has been 6 months or longer, you should really consider giving it a check up.

Renovating or Building?

Your home loan needs a foreman too. Let 1300HomeLoan construct the ideal loan that helps you achieve your renovation dreams today.

Self Employed?

At 1300HomeLoan, our mortgage brokers specialise in low documentation lending, ideal for self-employed clients.

Investing in Property

Looking to build your wealth? Do it with property!

Personal Loans

A personal loan is just that – personal. It can be used for your next holiday, fixing up your car or put towards an expensive hobby.

Budgeting & Planning Tips

Everyone at some stage of their life will be trying to hard save some those extra pennies for something special. Learn how you can become a smarter saver.

Pre Approval

Loan pre-approval has a lot of benefits for your finances as well as your home searching process. By taking advantage of a mortgage broker, you can arrange your loan pre-approval in no time at all.

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