Build your wealth.

1300HomeLoan understands the needs of property investors are different to those of owner-occupiers. That’s why we have a team of investment loan specialists dedicated to help you meet your specific financial goals.

Our brokers have access to hundreds of investor loans from over 30 lenders. 1300HomeLoan gives you the ability to choose additional options for flexibility at the lowest possible price. Here are some of the options we have available to investors;

Need an interest only loan?

Do you want to build your wealth by accessing home equity for investment in property or shares? Our range allows the credit limit to remain constant for up to 10 years with our interest only investor loans.

Don’t want to dip into your savings?

1300HomeLoan can offer investors the ability to borrow up to 95% of the property value + full capped LMI. We also have products that only require 5% genuine savings to help you reach your investment goals sooner.

Still want more?

  • Fixed rates available and ability to lock in your fixed rate at formal approval
  • Offset available
  • Line of credit.
  • Ability to pay your interest in advance
  • Flexible repayment options via BPAY, direct debit or salary crediting

Arrange your loan pre-approval through us. With a pre-approved loan, you’re ready to buy when the right investment property is on your radar

What Are the Benefits of Property Investment?

Property investment is usually accompanied with a larger amount of benefits than other investment options. First of all, property investment is an option you have a lot of control over. You are the one who selects the person renting your property and also how you will manage your property after its purchase.

The rental income that comes from property investment is also a major contributor to why many people look to the property market for profit. Even if you have obtained a mortgage to obtain the property in the first place, you still get a nice amount of profit in your bank account each month.

People who have invested in property also get access to certain tax deductions, whether it relates to mortgage interest or credit card purchases relating to your bought property. Tax deductions can vary from country to country, so if you are looking at the international market you really need the services of an experienced mortgage broker who specialises in property investment.

Find Out Why Property Investment Is a Good Idea!

When you want to secure your financial future, you will be looking for good investment opportunities. Even though you can be presented with a large amount of options, property investment tends to be one of the safest ways to invest your hard-earned money. Read on to discover the benefits of property investment and how a mortgage broker can assist you.

Need the Help of a Mortgage Broker for Property Investment?

Whether you are looking to invest in Australian or international property, a mortgage broker will help you to make the right choices. First of all, the mortgage broker can help you obtain the loan you need to get the property in the first place, but he can also have a look at all the possible properties you could potentially invest in.

With a mortgage broker from 1300HomeLoan, you also get access to additional services relating to property investment. Through these services, you will be able to pay interest in advance and get more flexible repayment options. Thanks to 1300HomeLoans, you can also arrange the pre-approval of your loan. By doing so, you will be ready to purchase a property when a golden opportunity arises.

Are There More Investment Opportunities Available On 1300HomeLoan?

Due to the fact that 1300HomeLoan has a very large database of mortgage brokers, you will easily find a number of brokers with extensive experience in investment options. We have brokers who have a background in investment banking, while other brokers have made their career advising businesses on smart property investments. Thanks to this large selection of brokers, you will be able to obtain an investing expert who will be able to secure your financial future.

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