It’s the personal touch that makes the difference…

A personal loan is just that – personal. It can be used for your next holiday, fixing up your car or put towards an expensive hobby.

With so many reasons to take out a loan, it’s no surprised that there are an equally wide range of options available to a potential borrower, including:

  • Secured loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Fixed loans
  • Variable loans

So how do you know which loan is right for your situation? This is where 1300HomeLoan can help.

We put you in touch with a Mortgage Broker in your local area, who will do the research for you! They ensure you find the right loan, then guide you through the home loan process, every step of the way.

Simply call our 1300HomeLoan team or send us a quick enquiry on the right of this page and one of our friendly home loan professions will contact you to discuss your options.

Get Your Personal Loan With The Help Of A 1300HomeLoan Mortgage Broker!

A mortgage broker cannot only help you obtain a mortgage to buy your first home, a mortgage broker can also help you get a personal loan. Whether you need the personal loan for travelling or to buy a new car, with the help of a mortgage broker you have a higher chance of being approved. Read on to find more about personal loans and find your best personal loan option.

What Types Of Personal Loans Can I Take Advantage Of?

The first type of personal loan you could obtain is a secured loan, this is a loan where the borrower needs to submit some collateral in order to be approved. Suitable collateral for a secured loan could be a car or a property. Once the secured loan is approved, your collateral will become a secured debt owed to the creditor. Given the fact you are putting in collateral, it is highly recommended to hire the services of a good mortgage broker from 1300HomeLoan.

The unsecured loan is the most common type of personal loan and is often obtained by people who need some extra money to make a big purchase. An unsecured loan could be used to purchase a new car or to add a new addition to your home. The unsecured loan is usually the better choice, given the fact that the lender will have no claim on the financial assets of the borrower when you miss repayments.

Clients can also opt for the fixed loan, this is a loan where interest will not change during the fixed rate period of the loan. The fixed loan is often the better choice for people who like to do budget planning and would like a better view of their financial future.

The last option for personal loans is the variable loan. A variable loan is a personal loan that has a variable interest rate. Most clients who have a variable loan will therefore experience changing repayments.

How Can A Mortgage Broker Help With My Personal Loan?

A broker from 1300HomeLoan can assist you with every little aspect of a personal loan. From evaluating your current financial situation to applying for the actual personal loan, a broker will stand by you every step of the way. In addition to negotiating your loan for you, the broker will also check with different financial institutions to find the best loan deal for you.

Would you like to take advantage of a 1300HomeLoan Broker? Be sure to head over to our “Talk to a Broker” section and select your area to get a list of available brokers for your area. If you are having trouble finding a broker you like, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the perfect broker match for you.

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